Buy Biochar online or direct with Soil Reef.  We have high quality biochar and biochar blended products available in large and small quantities.  Just years ago it was a difficult task to find or buy biochar.  It has taken Soil Reef several years, hard work, and a bit of luck to finally offer biochar in meaningful quantities and at affordable prices – a milestone that we have reached with great excitement.

Buy Biochar Online or DirectBiochar can be a great tool for gardening, farming, and environmental management.  At Soil Reef we have gone beyond plain biochar and offer the opportunity for you to buy biochar blended products as well.  The scientific understanding of this complex and fascinating material we call biochar is growing every day, armed with that growing body of knowledge we have tasked ourselves with helping create solutions to some the worlds most pressing problems.

Buy Biochar Online or Direct

Not all biochars are created equal.  Soil Reef takes great pride in the quality of the biochar we offer.  When created properly, biochar can exhibit highly valuable characteristics.  The charring process leaves behind only the carbon scaffolding.  This can be a lightweight and extremely porous material, riddled with capillary tubes that served as transport for food and water within the living plant material.  It can exhibit a very high surface area with a variable surface charge, lending it great ability to adsorb water and plant nutrients.  Its porous nature and surface charge characteristics can directly translate into dramatic increases in water and nutrient efficiency when used with soil Buy Biochar Online or Director potting media.  Increases in total biomass, in yield, in growth rate and in overall plant health have all been observed where biochar has been applied, sometimes in orders of magnitude above the comparison.

So without further ado, it is with great honor that can offer you the opportunity to buy biochar and our specialty biochar blended products.

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