Soil Reef Biochar For Your Garden Soil Reef biochar for your garden can enhance productivity.  Like a filter, this unique form of charcoal can help hold water and nutrients in the root-zone and available to your plants.  Whether you Soil Reef biochar for your garden or for your potted plants, the same benefits apply.

Biochar has been a part of soils for as long as fire and life.  It is naturally occurring, resists decay, and is found in soils throughout the world.  For thousands of years humans have used biochar with their farming practices.  At Soil Reef, we work hard to use the tested systems of nature, the practices of our ancestors, and our modern scientific understanding to create solutions for some of todays most pressing problems – whether it’s growing better tomatoes, or feeding a growing population.

 We have products ready-to-go and we can customize too. For a full list of our current offerings please click here.  Custom blends – nutrients, microbes, potting blends, and more – contact a sales rep with your needs and we’ll get right back to you.
At soil reef we have ongoing research efforts aimed at improving results.  From the labs at UC Berkeley to the fields of Vermont we are actively engaged in finding the best ways to make biochar work for you. 
Bags, pallets or containers, we can deliver our materials to you on spec and on time.  Just let our staff know how much you are looking for and we can arrange for delivery.  Click here to request a quote.

Biochar For Your Garden – Case Studies and Research

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There’s not a whole lot that I have in common with someone like a rice paddy worker in Mongolia, a coffee farmer in Nicaragua, or a homemaker in Uganda. The thing that we do share, […]

Using Biochar in Urban Landscapes

From Guest Author Biochar Bob,
After reading this article titled “Chicago landscapers turn to ancient Amazonian fertilizer,” I felt particularly inspired to talk about how important biochar is in urban landscapes. There are slew of benefits […]

  • Biochar as Growing Media in Grower Talks Magazine

Biochar as Growing Media in Grower Talks Magazine

Here it is in full text.  A useful introduction to biochar catered to it’s use with growing media.   Published in the February, 2013 edition of Grower Talks Magazine.  All photographs and content by […]

  • Pacific Biodiesel’s Project with Biochar

Pacific Biodiesel’s Project with Biochar

Biochar Trial in Kunia with Pacific Biodiesel Technologies’ Hawaii Military Biofuels Crop (HMBC) Project

(from Hawaii Biochar Products LLC, a partner company)

The first field trial with our biochar product on Oahu has yielded some very […]