Our Mission

Soil Reef has a simple goal; to bring good biochar to those who need it.  We also have a greater mission; to revitalize the soils of the planet, inspire actions towards a greater good and generate multi-dimensional value by empowering people.

We do this with uncompromising integrity in the quality of our products.  Both in the characteristics of the materials and the sustainability of their production.

Founded in 2010, Soil Reef has evolved from one product to many.  From a few pallets in a few stores to containers of biochar moving internationally. We have been able to do this because of the value of our products and the passionate energy of our team.  It’s what inside that counts, and that is how we conduct our business.

Our Team

Jeff Wallin
Jeff Wallin Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
• One of the country’s foremost biochar entrepreneurs and visionaries
• Head of business strategy, business development & stakeholder management
• Founder of The Char Alliance
Fernando Migliassi
Fernando MigliassiChief Operating Officer
• Partner of the EcoTechnologies Group; predecessor to The Biochar Company
• Head of business strategy development and implementation
• Entrepreneur, enterprise executive, degree in economics and MBA
Jonah Levine
Jonah LevineDirector of Sales
• Co-founder Biochar Solutions; now part of The Biochar Company
• Head of sales and industrial product development
• Degrees in Applied Ecology (BS) and Utility Engineering (MS)
Morgan Williams
Morgan WilliamsDirector of Research & Development
• Co-founder Biochar Solutions; now part of The Biochar Company
• Chancellors Fellow PhD Researcher (’14), Environmental Systems Dynamics Lab, University of California at Berkeley, and a degree in biology/chemistry
Andrew Harley
Andrew HarleyConsultant for Environmental Management

• 25 years experience in soil science research and project implementation
• Advises TBC on matters regarding biochar in environmental management
• PhD in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, degree in Geology