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Soil Reef has a simple goal; to bring good biochar to those who need it.  We also have a greater mission; to revitalize the soils of the planet, inspire actions towards a greater good and generate multi-dimensional value by empowering people.

We do this with uncompromising integrity in the quality of our products.  Both in the characteristics of the materials and the sustainability of their production.

Founded in 2010, Soil Reef has evolved from one product to many.  From a few pallets in a few stores to containers of biochar being used in soils across the nation. We have been able to do this because of the value of our products and the passionate energy of our team.  It’s what inside that counts, and that is how we conduct our business.


At Soil Reef, we understand how to make biochar work for you.  Our team of experts have gone to great length to provide the best biochar possible, to blend and process that biochar in ways that improve its immediate effect, and to work with you to find the best ways for our products to improve your bottom line. Read More >


Biochar’s use in agriculture dates back thousands of years. From the famous Terra Preta soils of the Amazon, to the fertile plains of the Midwest, charcoal is a key component of healthy, productive soils and has been used in many ways throughout human history.  We now understand this material better than ever before and are continuously finding new ways that it can be used to improve our agricultural systems. Read More >


Capturing excess nutrients and heavy metals, increasing ground cover to reduce erosion, adsorbing toxic organic compounds, providing significant and measurable carbon sequestration. Biochar provides all these services and more. Soil Reef biochar in particular has some unique characteristics that allow it to excel beyond comparative alternatives. See our research for more. Read More >


More harvesting, less work. Soil Reef can help you with that. Healthy soils make healthy plants and our products have consistently improved gardens across America. Where Soil Reef has been applied our clients see more vigorous growth, less disease, and greater yield. Check out our Gardeners Blend, it was developed to help you achieve instantly better gardens. Read More >

Questions & Answers

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How is Biochar Different From Charcoal?

How is biochar different from charcoal?  This is a common and important question.  Biochar is a type of charcoal, but not just any charcoal will make a good biochar.  This is important when you […]

  • Can I Use Biochar In Compost?

Can I Use Biochar In Compost?

Absolutely yes!  Using biochar in compost can improve the compost process and the end product.  Using biochar in compost has been shown to reduce nutrient loss, reduce odors, increase microbial activity, microbial diversity, and […]

  • What Is The Best Application Rate For Biochar?

What Is The Best Application Rate For Biochar?

If we were allowed only one measure to answer the question; What is the best application rate for biochar?  Our answer would be 5% by volume.  This has stood out as being both functionally […]

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Can Biochar Help Reduce Drought Stress? How?

Can biochar help reduce drought stress?  What has been found is a resounding yes.  Biochar is very porous and can hold several times it’s weight in water.  Where biochar has been applied plants have […]

  • How Can Biochar Help Reduce Fertilizer Cost?

How Can Biochar Help Reduce Fertilizer Cost?

How can biochar help reduce fertilizer cost?  Soil Reef biochar acts like a filter to hold nutrients in the topsoil where they’re needed.  It has a high surface area with a variable surface charge […]

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Can You Explain Biochar For Microbial Housing?

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